Mergers & Acquisition

  Mergers & Acquisition

Rhône Finance supports you during
all the process of acquisitions or

Sell-side operations: Independent firm shareholders
advising, valuation estimates, majority or minority sales

Buy-side operations: build-up or strategic investment
opportunity identification

Transaction tax and legal optimization

Counseling during the post-operation period

Rhône Finance approach 

We advise our clients all along the transaction
with a tridimensional approach:
– Psychology
– Enterprise
– Process

In a sell-side operation, we establish a rich dialogue
with the firm’s shareholders to understand their
expectations and anticipate the post-operation period.

The firm is optimally prepared for the sale and we
estimate its value. We support the enterprise in the
post-operation period, guaranteeing a successful
transfer or merger.

As central consultants, we advise on the strategy,
the transaction financing and optimise the tax and
legal structure, all along the process.

In a buy-side operation, we identify and evaluate
strategic or build-up investment opportunities
corresponding to our clients’ specific needs.

We supervise the whole process. Thanks to our deep
experience, we add value during the negotiation and
the transaction implementation.

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